“You’ll Know At The Finish Line” – My Spartan Race Experience (Part 1)

spartan race

It all started back in 2013, myself and 3 others from my old running group decided to try something new and signed up for our first obstacle race: The Survival Race (Long Island). IT WAS AWESOME!!! I instantly became addicted.

Later that year I completed 2 more races: Rugged Maniac (Brooklyn) and Merrell Down & Dirty (Bronx). During the latter race, I ran the Brick Division (in which you carry 18 pounds of bricks in a backpack), fell, and finished the race with a sprained ankle which took 6 weeks to heal. And still, I wanted more.

In 2014, I did the Spartan Race (Citifield) in 2014. I thought it was kind of easy, for all the rumors of how hard the Spartan Race was. It was fun, but wasn’t the “impossible” challenge I had been looking for.

Then, because I got free entry for blogging about it, I did the Foam Fest 5K (Brooklyn). This was a total beginner race and not really a challenge to me at all at that point, but I still enjoyed myself. I watched as one dude flew over one of the obstacles and dislocated is ankle. OUCH.

Then came Warrior Dash (Connecticut), which was, until that point, the most difficult (and most fun) obstacle race I’ve ever done. But of course, since I’m always looking for something a bit harder, I kept looking.

I signed up for Spartan Race in Tuxedo the day it opened. I really wanted try a “regular” Spartan Race and give it another try. Then, in January, I herniated my L4 and was out of commission for 4 months. No training, no exercising at all really. But still wanted to do it.

So, without any training at all, I proceeded to make my way to Tuxedo, NY to do this race.

I had no fucking idea what I was about to go through.

spartan race

(To Be Continued)

Caring For Myself

Being injured is teaching me a lot about what is important to me. I am going crazy not being able to workout and train for all of the things I want to do. It’s really testing my ability to say, “Ok, you need to rest”.

This herniated disc is the first real injury I’ve had that took away my ability to move freely. With the Plantar Faciitis, I could still run, still teach my classes, still ride or sim. But a back issue has taken all of that away.


Backing Up

Young female having nerve pain. Chronical kidneys  disease.

So, I’m writing this post while laying in bed, wearing back support and high off Oxycodone.

I finally made it to the Orthopedic specialist who believes I have a Herniated Disc within my lumbar region. Yup, you heard that right. A herniated disc. I need an MRI to confirm, but assuming he is correct, that means one thing –

My journey to Ironman 70.3 in April is over.

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Injured Update

I haven’t done any training in the last 2 weeks due to a sprained back. I am about 75% and am hoping one more week of rest will be enough to heal. Its the first time I’ve ever hurt my back like this and it’s difficult to repair when you have a physical job. But I took a few days off last week and don’t have to work for the next 4 days so lets hope and pray I am back to normal very soon.

Tri Training: Week 2

Tri Training Recap (Fotolia_25330502_XS)

This week did not go as I had hoped. First off, I couldn’t get to the Orthopedist because I have a $2,000 deductible on my insurance for specialists. I don’t have $2,000, therefore I did not go to the appointment. I am EXTREMELY disappointed as I nee to figure out what is wrong with my hi since I still cannot run. I will find a way to get to the doctor before the month is over.

Secondly, I hurt my back carrying some furniture up the stairs on Tuesday night, so  missed a few workouts. I tried to do some yoga, but it hurt too much. (It’s always something). By Friday it was feeling a bit better.

In the meantime, I did do some training and while it wasn’t great, it was a decent start.

  • Sunday: Too cold out and lazy.
  • Monday: Biked 10 miles on the trainer while doing intervals.
  • Tuesday: Swam 1.18 miles in 30 minutes.
  • Wednesday: No workout
  • Thursday: Still no workout.
  • Friday: Swam 1.5 miles at the pool in just under 40 minutes. Upper and lower body strength training.
  • Saturday: Rest Day

Total distance: 12.68 miles (Goal was 35 miles)

Total time: Just under 2 hours (Goal was 11.50 hours)

One thing I was very happy with was my swim. I told myself to aim for 1.5 miles. It’s over the 1.2 miles required by the half Ironman, but that distance is something I need to be comfortable with. It is one of the reasons for my panic attacks. Before I was just training for the exact distance, but by training for a bit longer distance, I can become more comfortable in my ability. That will, hopefully alleviate some of the worry that causes the panic attack. That’s why I’m not focusing on speed just yet.

If you posted a training recap on your blog this week, link in the comments. I’d love to read it.